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Keldan Video 8M CRI Underwater Light

Very pow­er­ful, small and lightweight, 8'000 lu­men LED video light with ex­cel­lent col­or ren­der­ing

   Ex­cel­lent col­or ren­der­ing in­dex, typ. CRI 96 (Ra)

   28-105 watt LED pow­er

   8'000 lu­mens, 5'600 kelvins

   Burn­time 45-170 min­utes

LED tech­nol­o­gy with out­s­tand­ing col­or ren­der­ing

The LED used for this video light pro­vides a very na­t­u­ral white light in day­light qual­i­ty with a col­or tem­per­a­ture of 5600 Kelvin and with an out­s­tand­ing high col­or ren­der­ing of 96 (Ra).  A unique fea­ture is the vari­able pow­er with 5 sett­ings rang­ing from 28-105 Watt.

Soft 90° beam

The unique op­ti­cal de­sign with dif­fus­er and dome lens re­sults a very soft and wide beam of 90° on land as well as in wa­ter. There are no hot spots and the edges are smooth.


The self con­tained de­sign makes this light very easy to use. There is no need for spe­cial mount­ings for the bat­tery can­is­ter.

The in­clud­ed brack­et al­lows easy mount­ing on stan­dard arm sys­tems like the Ul­tra Light arms.

Small and lightweight

The de­sign is op­ti­mized for very small di­men­sions and light weight. You do not find any other light on the mar­ket which is as small and pow­er­full than the Video 8M CRI.

The com­plete set (light, brack­et, dif­fus­er) ads on­ly 0.14kg to your gear.

Tough De­sign

The LED can not break and has al­most un­limit­ed life­time.

Thanks to its overtem­per­a­ture pro­tec­tion, the light can al­so be used out­side the wa­ter.

Li-Ion Bat­tery

The Video 8M CRI us­es a recharge­able Li-Ion bat­tery pack which of­fers much high­er pow­er den­si­ty and less weight com­pared to NiMH bat­teries. The Li-Ion bat­tery­pack al­so of­fers bet­ter per­for­mance in cold wa­ter con­di­tions than NiMH bat­teries do. The bat­tery­pack can be eas­i­ly exchanged within a few se­conds.

The wall adapter ac­cepts 110V to 240V AC. Exchange­able adapter plugs al­low world­wide use.

Charge Dis­play

An eight stage charge lev­el in­di­ca­tor gives you the charge lev­el while charg­ing or div­ing. 


Light flux max. pow­er

Can­dle­pow­er max. pow­er

Burn­time max. Pow­er

max. el. pow­er

8000 lu­men

5'400 can­dela

45 min­utes

105 watt


Light flux min. pow­er

Can­dle­pow­er min. pow­er

Burn­time min. Pow­er

min. el. pow­er

2'700 lu­men

1800 can­dela

170 min­utes

28 watt


Beam an­gle

Cor­re­lat­ed Col­or Tem­per­a­ture

Charge time

Bat­tery ca­pac­i­ty


5'600 kelvin

3-4 hours

89 Wh (nom. 14.4V/6.2Ah)


Di­am­e­ter (Head)


Dry weight

Wet weight

12 cm

29 cm

1.1 kg

0.14 kg


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