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UK-Germany - GoPro Hero Underwater housing


  • Type: UK-PRO
  • Manufacturer: UK-GERMANY
  • Camera: GoPro Hero
  • Material: aluminum, seawater resistant, anodized
  • Front Lens Port: Acrylic
  • Sealing: O-ring 1
  • Closure: 2 quick release fasteners
  • Operation: Mechanical, 3 buttons
  • Mechanical connection: Plastic Clip / GoPro standard
  • Pressure resistant: 100 meters
  • Empty weight: 335 grams
  • Weight with camera and monitor: 465 grams
  • Dimensions: 105x75x70mm LxHxD
  • Handle: Optional

No other invention has attracted in recent years so much attention from filmmakers about and under water, as the GoPro Hero HD video camera. Of course, with the silver-gray boxes and pictures are taken, but this feature has only marginal significance. Even the broadcasters participating in the Run for the GoPro, which is now used where the expensive news cameras are too big and too heavy, or use with respect to possible damage would be too risky. Uwe Kiehl has now presented the aluminum casing UK-PRO, for that might interest not only amateur filmmakers.

The GoPro with its velvety surface flatters himself in the hand, although it was supposed to be always packed in transparent, waterproof housing that is included in the same set. However, do video and photo features that take advantage of the huge angle of 170 °, only when using the camera without the original case. The port shadowed the corners from clear and no one really likes.
During first GoPro generations were created pure and entirely renounced an image control because the super wide angle with high probability that captures what the user thumbs times pi targeted, there is since April 2011 a monitor that is universally flush fitted to the back of the camera. Before this date, delivered models can also be operated with the monitor, it must be installed the latest firmware.
The screen is now no wonder brilliance, brightness and sharpness, but you can see what even the camera eye perceives and one looks closely, one recognizes also a tiny red dot next to an equally small camera icon, which is a continuous recording signals. The operating time of the camera battery is without a monitor for about two hours, with touch-screen operation in about an hour.
The bar, what the camera can do is actually pleasantly short and the study of instruction lasts about as long as cram themselves into a McDonald's lunch menu.
Two buttons control the functions. Essentially, the video and photo settings are selected, chosen among integral or center-weighted metering or the reverse image, the camera must be mounted rotated by 180 °. White balance and exposure are automatic, just the sound recording. Another button on the monitor controls, among other things, the scene retrospect or browsing through the photo files stored in the memory.
The lens has a fixed focal length and focus.
So you can not do much wrong and concentrate on the shooting, the scenes on a comprehensive up to 32 GB SDHC - are stored chip (optional, not included), the camera itself has no built-in memory.

Uwe Kiehl has now decided to send the camera in an aluminum housing cult UK-PRO on diving trip, far beyond the boundaries of the GoPro - is propagated plastic housing 60 meters. From practice 100 meters operating depth have now confirmed who want to go deeper, you can order a modified solution from the manufacturer.

UK-GERMANY evaluates the GoPro Hero with the solid-Pro Body OK to clear, no constructive development for the new territory had to be entered. But Uwe Kiehl nevertheless made some ideas to solve the core problem of the original case, the vignetting of the video footage off the full HD mode and the photo mode. He found a simple and ingenious solution accordingly, in the front of the milled aluminum housing an acrylic glass plate is used, which allows the optical lens of the GoPro all the freedom and also the LCD - Display status of the camera incorporates. Here are two to three birds with one stone, the videos and photos are free of obstructions in all modes, the indicator needs simplifies the production of housing, which of course makes direct influence on the price not own a window and this joint solution. Because you have to keep an eye on costs. A housing, which is designed to saw much easier than a GoPro has to be a hard accepted, the selling price is well above the camera .. With just under 500 euros UK-GERMANY has found a reasonable calculation, which can also take the amateur market.

Unlike the original plastic housing, the buttons are also wearing thick gloves to operate optimally. Although the mode button on the front panel clearly stands out, but only strikes, the housing is to be closed lying on the table with the back cover. Our tip for this purpose they put the unit on a thick towel or foam rubber - use the optional carrying case and system is already at the same time the large front glass protected against mechanical damage.

The back cover is connected to two lateral quick release coupling to the front part, an O-ring seals off. The Interior of the UK-PRO is noble, the surfaces were black flocked. So rests the GoPro Hero without further fastening elements in a cozy bed housing. Uwe Kiehl puts the case even with an O-ring, the diameter of the camera lens. This ring prevents reflections that can be mapped on the inside of the housing window. Also recommends UK-GERMANY to blacken the outer edge of the lens with a permanent marker to really eliminate all possibilities reflex.

For fixing the UK-PRO on rails or other accessories of the coming of the GoPro foot was taken with a plastic clip. Thus, the variety is known assembly no limit.
For better handling offers UK-GERMANY on a rail with handle. The demo pattern used in the test was not yet finished, for why our products photos to differ from the final version of something.

The cabinet surface is likely to give the UK-PRO with a very personal film look.



The UK housing Pro offers the same ease of handling, such as the GoPro plastic housing. Saturated fix the two quick-release fasteners on the back cover body and can be opened with "women-friendly" effort. The insertion of the camera is a breeze, as well as the operation of the three function keys. In case there is enough space to insert a desiccant bag when needed. With the handle, the body fits comfortably in the hand, the fitted light SOLA 1200 gives the system a little mini mass, which is contrary to the peaceful image guidance.

The amount of light the little light is amazing to work with only one light, you have to center them exactly, so that the main subject is well lit. Better would be to use two lamps.
Significant noise under water draws the GoPro in its metal casing easily, so one has the atmosphere of your own breath sounds for the film to be processed later always ready.
When dealing with the UK-PRO and under water you should always remember to keep the acrylic panels from scratches.



With the UK-PRO, the use of GoPro radius expands considerably, which should be interesting, not least for professional filmmakers or technical divers. The volume and weight produces the UK-PRO system is the second smallest after the original from China.

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