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RTMOTION MK3.1 Lens Control system

The RTMOTION MK3.1 Lens Control system is optimised for high-end Wireless and Wired remote control of Cinema and Still camera lenses. The range is specifically designed to enable a low-cost entry point (single motor), with a broad expansion capability.


World's smallest and lightest lens control receiver - 3 motor control as standard.

OLED menu screen.

World's first interference-free FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) wireless.

Adjustable wireless range up to 1,500 meters line-of-sight with 42 channels.

Automatic and Manual (softstop) calibration.

Adjustable motor response for silky smooth to quick and sharp moves.

Unique calibration algorithm and torque control to protect lenses.

Simultaneous 4 Axis control as standard (Knob, Slider, A and B), 6 with optional force-joystick (X and Y).

No noticeable latency, 2ms.

Integral protected antennas to help prevent damage.

Run-stop support for Arri, Alexa, Red EPIC, Red One, Sony F55, Phantom Flex, LANC and Black Magic etc.

Full 16bit digital transmission

Support for external controllers (Analogue or Digital).

Micro USB ports for updates and new features, OSX / Windows compatible .

Auxiliary port for trigger, analogue and digital serial data communication.

FCC/IC/CE Certified wireless, World-wide licence-free 2.4 GHz.

Precision machined from aerospace grade aluminium billet.

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