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  • Continuing to build on the success of the CamBall series, the CamBall 3 takes a number of steps forward. Keeping
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Bradley Engineering - Camball 3

Continuing to build on the success of the CamBall series, the CamBall 3 takes a number of steps forward.  Keeping all the features of the original unit but replacing the internal sensor and lens with a far more advanced package.  It retains the full, simultaneous control of Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus, with smooth-move, feedback controlled motors.


The unit now boasts a 30x optical zoom matched to a larger and higher resolution sensor with increased low light sensitivity and outputs up to 1080p


Wide angle lenses can still be fitted inside the carbon housing by simply pulling off the 'O-ring' sealed front port, screwing the lens onto the camera and replacing the port.  Internally the camera is fitted onto a slide plate and can be adjusted fore and aft.


The Cam-Ball 3 is fully weatherproof and can withstand extended periods outside in all types of weather.  Slipping clutches are fitted to both axes to protect the mechanics from external forces and to make rigging very easy.  It can be mounted either way up.  


Slip rings enable continuous 360 degree pans.  All the SD and HD signals pass through the slip rings and both SD or HDSDI outputs are available on the base together with the 1080p analogue output signals. 


The camera offers full HD broadcast images and is remotely SD/HD switchable.  Wide angle converters can easily be attached to the camera.  All camera functions can be remotely controlled via our RCPs.  The Infrared mode is also activated remotely.  This camera is used on many high end prestige programmes worldwide and quality matches many larger cameras.


32 preset positions can be memorised and re-called.  This includes: Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus for each preset.  These positions, and all the camera settings, are automatically stored into non-volatile memory when set or adjusted. 


Clutch slip, even when powered down, does not affect the preset positions.  Absolute position sensors are used on the shafts so it always knows where it is.


Various options and accessories are available and, as with all our units, it will operate with any of our controllers no matter how old they may be.  Up to 99 remote heads can be indivdually addressed and used on a single system.


Key Features:

  • Lightweight Carbon Fibre
  • 2 Megapixel 0.36" HD MOS Camera
  • Outputs up to 1080p
  • Full black levels control
  • Low latency
  • 30:1 optical zoom
  • Slip Rings
  • Inverted or Upright Mounting
  • Rugged and Weatherproof
  • 99 Preset positions P,T,Z,F
  • Low light sensitive
  • Switchable to Infra-Red sensitive
  • Internal Wide Angle Converter options




Weight 2.9
Power 12-16v @ 1A
Remote Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Iris, Focus, Auto White, Manual White, Preset White, Rgain, Bgain, Detail, Master Pedestal, Red Pedestal, Blue Pedestal, Shutter, Gain, Gamma, Dzoom On/Off, Auto Iris On/Off, Auto Focus On/Off, IR Mode On/Off, Output Standard HD/SD etc. Preset Store (P,T,Z,F), Preset Recall, P,T reverse, Hi/Lo speeds, Turbo Speed
Dimensions 12-16v @ 1A

Wide angle converters

Internal heater

CamBall Net_Cam Toughened and faster for in-goal applications

Remote Camera Panels

Radio data links

Fibre Converters

Data RS485
Speed <0.1deg/sec - >150deg/sec other speeds available upon request
Additional info

Sig /  Noise Ratio: >50dB 

Jitter: < 0.04 UI

SD Standards: PAL, NTSC,  Composite

HD Standards:1080i/50/60, 720p/50/60,  HDSDI 1080p 25/30//50/60 (component only at present)

Zoom Range:30:1 =  65deg. - 2.5deg.  Horizontal angle of view  


Distortion:        <3% (wide)  

Iris:   F.1.6 - 28 (>200 incremets)

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This product is available for hire, please call 0207 801 9111 for information on availability, alternatively you can message us here.